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7 Pcs Bird Feeding Syringe Kit

7 Pcs Bird Feeding Syringe Kit

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Name: Parrot feeding syringe kit Syringe Material: Plastic + stainless steel Gavage

Tubes Material: Stainless steel Syringe Capacity: 10ml / 20ml / 50ml Gavage Tubes

Size: (6 models) 18 G : (tubing length: approx. 50mm + 20mm  / Head diameter: approx. 3mm), curved, for waxbills and other small birds 16 G : (tubing length: approx. 55mm + 25mm  / Head diameter: approx. 4.5mm), curved, for Finches / Canaries 14 G : (tubing

length: Approx. 65mm + 30mm  / Head diameter: approx. 4.5mm), curved, for Cockatiels, Budgerigars and small parakeets, plus small raptors 12 G : (tubing length: approx. 75mm + 35mm  / Head diameter: approx. 4.5mm), curved, for African Greys, Amazons and most Falcons 10 G : (tubing length: approx. 90mm + 40mm  / Head diameter: approx. 5.5mm), curved, for Small Macaws and small cockatoos 8 G : (tubing length: approx. 105mm + 50mm / Head diameter: approx. 7mm), curved, for Harris Hawks, large Macaws and large Cockatoos Applicable objects: parrots, pigeons, rodents, etc. small pet


  • Easy to use, disassemble and clean.
  • Durable in use.
  • Ideal for hand feeding chicks or sick birds and for administering emergency treatments.
Usually the installation method: Clockwise rotation 10°~15°② If the first installation method does not work, please unscrew the screw and insert the feeding tube directly into the syringe.

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